The Anderson's Exerperience:

Bringing Communities and Care together

The project aimed to understand current perceptions of care homes and positively ‘redefine’ people’s understandings of living, working and visiting Anderson’s care home in Elgin. A rights-based and co-design approach, which included the voices of residents, staff, families, volunteers and wider members of the community, enabled the development of person-centred interventions to explore the role of music within a care home context. Music was used as a tool to support people affected by dementia to tell their story and explore the opportunities to widen the social interactions of the care home and it’s community. Insights of the project were:

  • Promoting positive perceptions about care homes: An exhibition and a movie about people’s experiences of the project was shared with the wider community to create more awareness about the daily life in a care home and to show the potential music can have for people affected by dementia.

  • Development of (new) music based activities: Music was a great tool to explore people’s individual stories and to stimulate social interactions within the daily activities of the care home e.g. residents were given headphones with their personal playlist or a musical bingo was organised based on songs with a number in it.

  • Strengthen existing community connections: Anderson’s was already very integrated within the community and through the project the care home was able to enhance and develop more meaningful relationships with residents, staff, volunteers and the community.

One of the outcomes of the project was the creation of ‘The REMIX toolkit’ (Rights-based, Engaging Music Interventions and Xperiences) where we embodied all the learnings and knowledge of the music-based activities we tested out.

To download the tools, watch the movie and read more about the project please visit: